Animoto Video Maker Review 2019

Review Animoto Video Maker 2019

Animoto Review | First Published Jan 29, 2019 | Product Rating 9.2 / 10 Visit website
9.2Expert Score

The first time I heard from Animoto was a couple of years ago on a webinar from Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith.

What is Animoto?

Animoto is an easy to use drag-and-drop video creator. You can import your own photos or take royalty free photos, videos, and music to create your video stories and share them online. Animoto is cloud-based, intuitive and you don’t need technical knowledge. You make literally professional looking videos in 5 minutes.

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For who is Animoto?

Animoto is meant for everyone who wants to create and share stories.
Business owners, photographers, educators, and families are the Animoto’s target audience.

In this review, we focus on small business owners and entrepreneurs. As you probably know video is one of the strongest marketing tools. When you are determined to use video in your strategy, just have an in-depth look to Animoto and produce videos fast and easy.

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How works Animoto?

You can begin with a free trial version.
Once you signed up, you get a step to step guide. Just follow the steps and your first video is ready within minutes.

Step 1: Choose a template or start from scratch

Choose a template based on your objectives.

You can start from scratch or start from a template. At the beginning, I think it’s a good thing to work with the provided templates. Once you know the program better you can concept something brand new.

Step 2: Upload own images and videos

Upload your images or video clips or pick some from the Animoto’s library. They offer a database with high-quality Getty Images stock photos and video clips. When you buy a Professional or Business subscription, the stock images are free to use.

Step 3: Adapt to your needs

You can style and adjust the video to your needs. Add your logo, adjust colors, fonts, style, dimensions, background music, adapt the text and images, add a voice-over.

Step 4: Share or download your video

Animoto gives plenty of options to share and use your video.

  • Share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Mail, …
  • Copy the link of your video and post it where you wish
  • Embed the video on your website and blog
  • Download your video in mp4

What I really like here is that you can add a button to your video. So when you are promoting an event, product, service, … you can direct them to a landing page.

You don’t need to have extra budget to buy hosting. Animoto keeps your videos save on their platform.

Have a look inside the platform Animoto? Watch the following video.

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Pricing Animoto

When you take an annual subscription, you save up to 50%

  • Personal Plan

    € 19,99 /month
    • Standard quality video (720p)
    • 350+ music tracks
    • 12 pre-built storyboards
    • 3 standard fonts
    • 30 color swatches
    • Animoto logo at end of videos
  • Professional Plan

    € 34,99 /month
    • High quality video (HD 1080p)
    • 2,000+ commercially licensed music tracks
    • 50+ pre-built storyboards
    • 40+ professional fonts
    • Unlimited custom colors
    • No Animoto branding on videos
    • 1,000,000+ photos & videos from Getty Images
    • Add your logo as a corner watermark
    • License to resell to consumers
  • Business Plan

    € 59,99 /month
    • High quality video (HD 1080p)
    • 3,000+ commercially licensed music tracks
    • 50+ pre-built storyboards
    • 40+ professional fonts
    • Unlimited custom colors
    • No Animoto branding on videos
    • 1,000,000+ photos & videos from Getty Images
    • Add your logo as a corner watermark
    • License to resell to businesses
    • Accounts for up to 3 users
    • 30-minute consultation with a video expert
  • try animoto for free

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    Devices supported by Animoto

    On which devices can you use Animoto?

    Web-based (MAC/Windows)
    Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)


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    Pros And Cons Of Animoto Video Maker

    • easy to work with
    • fast productions
    • professional looking results
    • web-based
    • no extra hosting needed
    • also available as an app
    • stock photos, videos and music available
    • upload own photos, videos and music
    • switch from landscape to square
    • easy to share, download or embed your video
    • good support

    • price
    • editing images can’t be done in Animoto

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    My opinion

    Animoto is an intuitive, web-based video production solution. It’s a good option for solo-entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers that want to invest in video marketing. The kind of videos that you can make with Animoto are usually working well for social media.

    I like the intuitive interface. When you play around a little bit, you know all the features in no time. So it’s a perfect timesaver for every business owner.

    Do you want to create some masterpieces? Then Animoto will not do the trick. When you want to have all bells and whistles you need to go for software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. But for most business owners Animoto will just be perfect. There is no learning curve and is fast.

    Another thing what I like less is the fact that you can’t adapt your images in the app. You need to work with Pixlr or other image software for adjusting images.

    And the last thing is the price. It’s quite expensive when you take the monthly plan. A solution can be to take the annual subscription and save up 50%.

    When you take the annual plan you can have an extra discount of 10%.

    SPECIAL OFFER Business or Professional Plan:
    Save 10% off your subscription* with promo code BUS10OFF at checkout
    And please always check our temporary discounts.

    My conclusion

    If you want to accelerate your business growth with video,  Animoto can definitely help. You can instantly create videos on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Fast, easy, user-friendly and professional looking videos in no time.
    They have also great tutorial videos, a strong community and a good blog that helps you to develop a good video marketing strategy.

    Try Animoto 14 days for free.

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