Instantbiz Review 2019

Instantbiz Review 2019

InstantBiz Review | First Published May 16, 2019 | Product Rating 9.5 / 10 Visit website
9.5Expert Score

Nowadays some business owners think they don’t need any website anymore. They can profile their business on social media. But when you take your business serious, even if you have a local business, restaurant or physical store., I am convinced your business needs a site, landing pages to attract people to specific marketing campaigns and an email list. And that’s what InstantBiz promise!

What is InstantBiz

With InstantBiz you can create business pages, landing pages, contact forms, opt-in forms, popups and there is a module to build your email list.

An other great feature they announced for local businesses are notifications on  mobiles of people that in the environment of their physical business.

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How works InstantBiz?

I have tried InstantBiz and it’s an easy drag-and-drop site builder.

Start with creating your landing page.

Then you will see different categories:

  • sales pages
  • business pages
  • coupon and deals pages
  • video promotion pages
  • personal pages
  • coming soon pages
  • thank you pages
  • other (here you can start your page from scratch)

Every category has a bunch of templates to choose from. And every template you can adapt to your own needs.

A template is divided into different blocks that you can adapt, duplicate, remove and replace.

different landingpages on instantbiz

And the same rules for every element on the blocks. You can change text, images, elements (like buttons, icons, …)

The different blocks that you can insert are

  • header blocks
  • content blocks
  • countdown blocks
  • google map blocks
  • call to action blocks
  • photo blocks
  • footer blocks

Also here you have for each block that you want to add, several templates that you can adapt to your own needs.

When your landing page is ready, you just need to save and publish it.

Contact- and Opt-In forms

The next thing that you can do is create your contact and opt-in forms. This is working the same way as creating your landing page.

You have no limits in creating fields. You can also add options, dropdown, … and there is even a way to add fields for booking your services. Which means people can immediately book an appointment for one of your services on your contact form.


Once you have created your landing page and opt-in forms, you can create your pop-ups. Just insert all the info on the pop-up creator.

  • which optin-form you want to see on the landing page
  • when you want to trigger it
    > load the page
    > leave the page
    > after scrolling
  • indicate when you want to let it pop-up after the trigger is reached
  • indicate how many times you want to trigger the pop-up for your visitor
  • a javascript code will be generated
  • copy this piece of code on the landing page before the </head>
  • check your landing page and you will see the pop-up appear

List Building Module

Every time someone will add his information on an opt-in form, InstantBiz will capture the leads. You can download all your leads in a CSV file and upload it to your own email responder like MailChimp, Aweber, …

Notifications to people in your neighborhood

I haven’t tested this one, but I know for now it’s just an option you can use for Android Mobiles.

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Pricing InstantBiz

The product is launched on the 15th of May 2019 for the price of $16.95*
In the basic package commercial license is included. This means that you can also sell the pages that you create in InstantBiz.

This is the price during launch, after the launching period they will go to a monthly fee.

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My opinion

I have tested InstantBiz as you can see in the video. It’s really easy to use. You can make professional looking landing pages without technical knowledge. The app is user- and newbie friendly. When you are looking at the domain name in the video, you will see it’s based on the platform of InstantBiz. But you can add a custom domain name to the landing page, that way your page will look even more professional. Also, your clients will probably ask to add their own domain name.

For me, the big + is that you can create landing pages in no time to promote all your marketing campaigns. You can add every element that you need for that. The timer is one of my favorite blocks of InstantBiz. Certainly when you are doing a lot of events, deals, and pre-launches.

The fact that InstantBiz has also thought of local businesses by creating the Google Maps block and the notification feature is also a big +. As a busy small business owner or solo-entrepreneur, you don’t have always the money to spend big marketing budgets. InstantBiz is then an affordable option.

The feature to build your email list is another +. Pop-ups are still working to build your email list or to trigger your potential client to buy your product before leaving the page. You can convince people that still have their doubts about buying your product with a pop-up.

The only thing I couldn’t test is how your site will be optimized for Google. The options to work on SEO were adding titles to your images and make a title and description for your page. They have an upsell for SEO optimization, and I would recommend that. Having a website without somebody finds it on Google makes no sense.

And then (not the last) thing as I can write and talk hours of the importance of landing pages. But when you see the launching price of 16.95, it’s really peanuts. I am working mostly with WordPress and it costs a lot of time to create landing pages. Then we haven’t spoken about the budget. When you want easy drag-and-drop systems like Clickfunnels, BuilderAll, Leadpages, … you will pay a lot more.
Everything depends absolutely on your needs but  InstantBiz seems to me a very good tool for starters, affiliate marketers, small business owners, local businesses and solo-entrepreneurs.
When you are not sure this is something for, you can buy it, test it and ask a refund when you are not satisfied with the product.

This is my opinion based on the testing I did. I always write my opinions based on my experience as online marketer with small businesses and my experience as an affiliate marketer on a budget.

Before you buy the product, please check if it has all the elements you need.

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