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Extempore Review 2019

Turn your smartphone into a Teleprompter with Extempore

Extempore Review | First Published May 21, 2019 | Product Rating 9.1 / 10 Visit Website
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A teleprompter, prompter or autocue is a must-have for everyone who starts his video career. It is a display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech or script. Teleprompters are mostly used in professional studios. But wouldn’t it be great that you can create your own news or videoset with just your smartphone?

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What is Extempore?

Extempore turns your smartphone into a teleprompter. That’s exactly what it does. You can load your script on your mobile and shoot your video. You can even edit and publish it with Extempore.

The script will scroll at the desired speed in the background.

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How works Extempore?

You can log into Extempore on the web where you can create your scripts. You write and edit your stories. Once you have done writing your story. You can go to the Extempore app (download for Android and Apple available)

Open the app and you will have access to all your written stories. You can now start to shoot your video.

In the app, you have several options available

  •  you can stop the recording once the text ends
  • choose the resolution of your video (480p, 720p, 1080p)
  • decrease and increase the size of the text
  • change the text scrolls speed
  • change front and back camera to shoot your video
  • click the record button
  • once the countdown finishes the video starts recording
  • you can read the script from the screen
  • stop recording/ or it stops automatically when you have chosen the option once the text ends
  • see your videos on the my takes tab
  • when you are not satisfied, you restart shooting
  • edit the video in the app
  • choose to set up the video landscape (horizontal), portrait (vertical) or square
  • trim the unwanted portions of the video
  • save, publish or share the video
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Pros and Cons teleprompter Extempore

  • know exactly what to say
  • create the script on laptop or desktop
  • newbie friendly
  • easy to set up
  • android and apple app
  • no x amount of vids to edit
  • upload to youtube
  • share on social media networks
  • edit in the app
  • timesaver
  • silent mode while recording
  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • up to a maximum length of 10 minutes
  • the watermark in the basic version

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30 day money back guarantee


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My Opinion About The Teleprompter Extempore


When you are going for the first time on camera, it can be very scary. Now, that was certainly the case when I was put in front of the camera. It made me very nervous.  Starting with video was very difficult for me. And there is still the other problem, I am not native English.

Once you start to work with a teleprompter you will have a great deal more confidence. You can write your script, let it scroll on the screen and there is no chance that you are going to forget any words. You will be able to deliver the message more effective and with a lot more confidence. Your clients and followers will notice this also.

It’s a really good idea when you are shooting video to invest in a teleprompter. Just writing your script will obligate you to think about your message and make your message clear and effective.

But working with a teleprompter will ask some practice. You need to talk to your public. You need to give the idea that you are speaking to your public and not just reading your text.

I played a little bit with Extempore and in my opinion, it can be a huge help for people that use video in their online marketing strategy. You can’t (for as far I see in their pricing) not go on and on for hours as there is a limit of 10 minutes. But when you want to keep the attention of your viewers, it must be enough time to make the message clear.

I like the fact that I can write the script on my desktop and can access it in the app of my mobile. Extempore is cloud-based so you can work from everywhere.

You can also change the speed of the text scrolling, the app starts recording after the countdown and stops recording when you are done. You don’t see moving arms and confused faces to see if the record button is on or off.

After recording, you can trim your video and share or send it from the app on your favorite networks. In one of the upsells, it’s even possible to add lower thirds.

With your mobile and extempore, you have your own little video set in your pocket. Starting with video doesn’t need to be expensive.

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Bonus Teleprompter

Video must be a part of your online marketing strategy? But you don’t feel very confident or you don’t know where to start?
I have put together with my colleague of a facebook group with a 7 day video bootcamp. We will practice video in a closed group, you will find resources on how to build your video strategy, where you find content and how you can repurpose it and which tools you can use to easily edit your videos.

When you have bought Teleprompter by this link, please let me know by mail and I come back to you with all the details.






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