BuilderAll Review 2019

BuilderAll Review 2019


Builderall is the All In One Marketing platform. Check out the review.

About BuilderAll 2019

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BuilderAll Review
First Published Jan 26, 2019
Product Rating 8.6 / 10
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Turn your million dollar idea in a million dollar business

Builderall helps entrepreneurs and businesses who want to quickly bring their ideas to life with the most complete digital online business builder and marketing platform on the web.

That’s how Builderall announces their All in One Digital Marketing Platform.

Too good to be true, no? But maybe it’s worth to have a look at it.

Starting your own business starts with a good idea, a lot of time investment, the right timing, persistence and of course also budget. Definitely, when you have no technical nor designing skills, it can be tough to keep the budget low.

Some newbies are convinced that only social media will do the trick. But my experience learned me that a website and email marketing has still a huge impact when you are serious about your business.

Builderall has it all to make you a great entrepreneur. The toolkit gives you everything you need to start.

  • make your website
  • create a chatbot
  • email marketing
  • give webinars
  • edit video
  • e-commerce sites

True or not? Will Builderall be a time saver, cost saver and make us a happier entrepreneur?
Let’s have a look inside!

What You Get

What’s in the toolbox of Builderall?

1. Website Builder

You can create all your business sites, blogs, stores, membership sites … with an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder.
The easiest way to get started is to use the templates. You can also start from a blank page when you have your own ideas and structure.
I was very pleased to see you could connect your site with Google Analytics and add the Facebook Pixel. Also good news for who is doing business in Europe, plugins for the GDPR (general data protection rules) are available.


2. Salesfunnels

Within the website builder, you find a section sales funnels. Builderall prepared already the different stages of the sales funnel. You don’t need to think about the following steps, they have done the work for you. Just choose the salesfunnel you need and adapt it to your situation. Maybe not so extendend as Clickfunnels but definitely worth a try and much cheaper then Clickfunnels.


3. App Creator

Inside the builder you have the option to create your own app. Also here you have the choice to start from scratch or use the templates. They offer a wide range of categories to choose from.

4. Email Automation Tool

Mailingboss Autoresponder is Builderalls email marketing tool. For me, this is certainly a plus. You can build up email lists, setup campaigns, and sequences. And for the productivity guru’s, yes, Zapier allows you to instantly connect Builderall Mailingboss with 1,000+ apps to automate your work.


5. Design & Photo Studio

Create your own e-book covers, info products, and mockups with the Builderall Design Studio feature. I was somehow disappointed in this part. But on the other hand, you have lots of free tools that can do even more as presented here.
Instead you can use for photos Pixlr and for mockups Place-it both have a free version.

6. Presentation Builder

Need to make a presentation to pitch your business or promote your products? I am sure you can make something decent with it. Though I prefer to work with keynote or powerpoint. And when you don’t have those programs there is still Google Slides which is free.

7. Video Creator

Animated videos

In Builderall you have a video editor. Also here you can start from a template or produce one yourself with own footage. The video editor is mainly based on playing with text. The good thing about this is that you can immediately upload your video to Youtube or Facebook or download an MP4 file.

Floating Videos HTML

With this feature, you can stream your video with a pixel on the page you would like the video play. You don’t need to embed your movies from Youtube, Vimeo, etc. I haven’t tested the speed, but probably this has less impact on it then embedding.

Concerning me, I have the same feeling about this as the presentation builder and the photo studio. I am not impressed.  From the moment I am following Builderall, they have made a lot of improvements. So I hope they will work further on this also.

8. Browser Notifications

Builderall built in the feature to send notifications to people’s browsers

When people accept to receive notifications from you. You will be able to send them messages straight to their browsers even if they are not on your site. Pretty good to stay connected with your prospects.

push up notification builderall

9. Search engine optimization on page report tool

When you have a site it’s important that he ranks high in the Google results. A site is nothing worth when people can’t find it.
There are a lot of things you can do on page and off page to rank high in the Google Search Results.
Builderall helps you with this.

Just add your keyword and the URL of your content. They analyze your content and you get suggestions to improve your ranking.

10. Click Map

This is also an interesting feature to analyze and improve your website. You can track visitor’s behavior on your site. You can see where visitors click and interact the most. This way you can instantly improve your website.

11. Autopost Social Media

With this feature, you can schedule your social media. This is somewhat disappointing as you can just add Facebook. The only good thing is that you can add multiple pages. But scheduling you can in the Facebook app also. So I don’t see personally the advantage.

12. Facebook Chatbot

The Facebook Chatbot allows you to automatically answer your clients.


13. Popups to create a viral effect

You can lock valuable content on your site. Access is only possible when people share your post. For me that’s a great way to reach more people than just the website visitors.

14. Courses

Do you want to educate people online? Look then into the e-learning platform from Builderall. You can upload videos from Youtube, Vimeo Amazon 3, computer, HTML pages, and codes or a PDF. You are also able to create tests etc.

I must honestly say, I just took a quick look at it and played around for a little while. But I have not tested it in-depth. When you want to teach online and sell courses. Please make use of the 7 days trial for free. But you can try BuilderAll 7 days for free.

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15. Generating Scripts

This one can be helpful when you have no inspiration. Builderall made a tool where you can add your buyer persona’s, after that you can choose a niche like local business, fitness, … Then you can choose what kind of copy you want to generate. An advertisement script, email script, funnel script, etc.
I think you can use them as ideas and adapt to your own needs.

16. Social proof

With this tool, users can see notifications of registered users on the site.

17. Coupon system and Wheel of fortune

Builderall’s coupon system increase your conversions on your sales pages or virtual stores. It’s an exclusive system for Amazon affiliates to offer discount product coupons to those who subscribe to your list. This is great to build your email list.

Another way to give discounts is, adding a gamified roulette to your website and helps you to boost sales by letting customers win coupons.

18. Webinar

In the marketing platform you find also a tool to create webinars. Webinars are often used to attract new clients and to do product launches. It’s quite easy to set up, you can create a live webinar or pre-recorded one and pretend that’s live.

19. Builder All Affiliate Marketplace

For those who are familiar with affiliate marketing. This can be an interesting tool. You can choose to sell your own product or service with the possibility that others promote your product and earn for every sale a commission. Or you can choose a product or service from someone else that you will promote and earn commission on every sale you make.

20. Builderall Business

With the Builderall Business package of $ 49.90/month you get all the tools above. I think it’s very affordable when you see what you get.
Probably it’s a little bit overwhelming for someone who begins. But in this package you have really all the things to start up your online business.

When you think you can’t afford it to pay every month $ 49.90. You can refer other people and when they are buying BuilderAll, you have a recurring commission every month.

Like said all features described before are coming with the businessplan of $ 49.90/month. When you want to keep it simple and just need a website you can go for $ 9,90/ month or $ 29,90/ month for some more features.

Anyway, before you buy it, you can try it 7 days out for free.
Aren’t 7 days not enough? Buy the license, you can ask for a refund within 30 days when you aren’t happy with it.


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Starting from: $9.99/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

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Webpresence plan Digital Marketing plan BuilderAll Business
$ 9.99 $ 29.99 $ 49.99
Website only For Digital Marketing
Business Growth
Complete Solution for
Online Entrepreneurs and Companies


Pros and cons

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  • No extra hosting needed
  • Affordable price
  • All tools in one platform
  • SEO tool
  • Tutorials to learn all the tools
  • Support (no live chat/ but answer quickly)
  • Great Community
  • Roadmap with further steps/ so improvement
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Apps to interact with prospects
  • DIY = no freelancer needed
  • Referrals = Bonus

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  • Overwhelming for starters
  • Some things take time to learn
  • Some tools need improvement
  • no integration with wordpress, drupal, …


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My opinion

Working as an online marketer for solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses, I know how hard some of them it have to stand out in the online world. Mostly they have not the knowledge but also not the money to invest in all kind of marketing tools. With the All In One Digital Marketing Platform of BuilderAll they do have a choice to compete with the big guys. I think it’s also a good option for a starter. With a limited budget of $ 49.99, you can really do a lot.

BuilderAll has a lot of features that focus on interaction with your prospects and to generate leads to build your email list. You can do A/B testing, analyze your data, optimize for ranking in the search results.
A minus is that for some things there is a learning curve, so you will need to invest time in it. And like I said above, some workflows and the design studio don’t impress me at all.
They have a huge tutorial library and when you don’t find it, you can always reach out to support or the community.

For the time I am following BuilderAll, I can say that they always improving things and adding new tools.
They follow an outlined roadmap and extend the toolkit regularly. I read that in 2019 BuilderAll will also add a CRM system.

It’s also a great platform for affiliate marketers and they have a whole section to guide you through the process.

Do I have it myself? When you check this site, you will see it is a WordPress site and as there is no integration, I stick to it.
But yes, I walk the talk. I bought it and played around, set up some projects and will certainly continue.

Being curious? Try BuilderAll 7 days for free.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links for BuilderAll or other apps. In short, when you sign up for certain apps, Smartbizbox earns a commission it. The money we earn, we re-invest in this site, it allows us to keep going and producing valuable content.